Health, Safety and Environmental

Everyone who works at Alaska Clean Seas is responsible for protecting the health and safety of our personnel, customers, and contractors, and for protecting the environments that we work in as spill response professionals.  Our commitment to health, safety, and environmental performance is an integral part of our operations and achieving innovative and cost-effective solutions to these issues is an essential business strategy.


At Alaska Clean Seas we believe:

    • Proper preparation, planning, and job execution can prevent accidents and unwanted incidents.
    • Our management team must embrace full responsibility and accountability for safety, health and environmental leadership and performance results.
    • All employees are responsible for their personal safety, health, and environmental choices and those choices that affect others.
    • Risks can be reduced in our dynamic environment through team participation in high-quality job and task evaluations.
    • All workplace and management system deficiencies that could contribute to or cause an accident must be reported promptly, evaluated thoroughly, and corrected diligently.
    • All employees have the right and responsibility to stop unsafe work operations or practices.
    • Management sets an example for the support of the ACS Health, Safety, and Environmental Practices by active participation in program activities such as conducting facility and job audits, safety meeting presentations, attending training programs, and assisting employees in a positive manner to resolve conflicts and reduce health, safety and environmental risks.
    • Continuous improvement to safety, health, and environmental efforts are an important business and life principle.