We believe that quality spill response training is a vital element in providing North Slope Spill Response Team Members with the desire and ability to excel and our Members with the best possible service.  To this end, we have made a substantial commitment to quality training as well as to the people who support achieving this goal.  Emphasis will be on team development and practical application with safety being the highest priority.

The training staff provides continuous oil spill training support to the member companies. This support includes classroom presentations, field practicals, tabletop exercises and deployment drills. With over 3,000 instructor hours each year, hundreds of training development hours and extensive oil spill response experience, their expertise radiates throughout their lessons.

2023 North Slope Spill Response Team Training Schedules

2023 Alpine SRT Schedule

2023 BAD SRT Schedule

2023 END SRT Schedule

2023 ENI SRT Schedule

2023 GKA SRT Schedule

2023 MPU SRT Schedule

2023 NSTAR SRT Schedule

2023 Oooguruk SRT Schedule

2023 PBE SRT Schedule

2023 PBW SRT Schedule

2023 PTU SRT Schedule