Environmental Management System

Alaska Clean Seas has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) consistent with our member-company ISO 14001 EMS programs.  Through this program, ACS is committed to health, safety, environmental compliance, and pollution prevention, while continually improving its operations as they affect environmental excellence.  Conservation of energy, spill prevention, reduction or elimination of all waste and in particular hazardous waste, recycling and proper disposal of all remaining wastes are held as core operating principles.

Three Key Elements

    • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    • Continual Improvement
    • Pollution Prevention


Alaska Clean Seas was the first organization on the North Slope to receive the “Green Star Award” from the Arctic Green Star Chapter in 1996.  It is given to businesses, organizations, schools, and agencies that demonstrate a strong environmental and business ethic by implementing the eight Green Star Standards.  Alaska Clean Seas meets these standards through recycling, waste prevention, improved purchasing, outreach to other organizations, education of employees, reduction of toxic materials, water conservation, and energy efficiency.

An on-site third party compliance audit of Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) Environmental Management System (EMS) was conducted in September of 2015. ACS operations were reviewed and compared to the regulatory and EMS requirements. The auditor communicated with ACS employees, reviewed various records, and analyzed the standard operating procedures and plans. The past three years of inspection records associated with the implementation of the Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Plan, Waste Management, Sampling and Analysis Plan and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan were all reviewed during the on-site visit. Based on this audit, Alaska Clean Seas achieved an overall “standard of excellence level” rating for compliance with applicable environmental regulations and conformance with the internal requirements of the Alaska Clean Seas EMS.